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Thrive primarily serves children and youth aged 9 to 17 in under resourced and underserved communities. We deliver in-person programming across the country including in Ontario, British Columbia, FNIM communities, and virtual programs for other groups upon request.


The overarching goal of all of our programs is to empower our participants to feel like they can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people around them. Each of our programs is led by a Thrive Youth facilitator along with a professional artist in our artist educator network. This is because our programs are grounded in experiential learning that challenges our participants to explore art forms and try something new. Our artist educators represent a wide array of art forms, including but not limited to photography, weaving, upcycling, beat-boxing, and more. 

Read more about our programs below. 

Need more information? Download our programs guide. 

Learn Create Explore (LCE)

LCE is offered as both in-school and out-of-school programming for children aged 9 to 13. LCE in-school is 90 minutes a day for five days. The program allows whole classrooms to experience innovative and impactful workshops designed to support the development of critical leadership skills. It provides equitable access to programs while acting as a bridge to our more intensive out-of-school programming.


LCE out-of-school brings together students from up to 15 local schools to develop their leadership skills through arts-based experiential learning and field trips to innovative culture building spaces in their city. Students can be nominated by teachers or principals to join the program.

Build to Change (BTC)

Build to Change (BTC) is a free after-school program for youth aged 12 to 15 running for ten 90-minute sessions. The program is intended to support young people who want to make a difference in their community using the arts, but aren’t quite sure where to start.


Youth will participate in a variety of arts and skill-building workshops that create space for learners to feel confident, capable, and connected while exploring a unique balance between project management skill-building workshops and a variety of art forms.

Youth Lead Impact (YLI)

This ten session program combines elements of a skills lab with an innovation incubator, providing a platform for youth aged 14-18 to develop their project planning, conflict resolution, communication, digital literacy, organizational, and collaboration skills. This is achieved through project-based learning, with guidance from dedicated staff, experienced artists, and community change-makers.

First Roots Wellness Program

Thrive Youth First Roots Wellness is delivered in collaboration with remote FNIM communities. The program uses the arts as a vehicle for children and youth to explore personal stories and cultural traditions, foster inclusion, and improve both physical and mental health. A team of Thrive Youth educators join with local educators, community leaders and artists to offer at least one week of workshops exploring wellness, cultural connections to family/land and leadership skill building through two or more art forms chosen by the community. 

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