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About Us


Our mission is to create safe and supportive spaces where children and youth can explore creative expression, learn about themselves and the world around them, and develop the skills and confidence needed to create positive change in their lives and their communities.


We envision a world where children and youth are confident, capable, and connected to reach their potential and thrive

What we Believe

At Thrive Youth, we stand firm in our belief in the immense power and inherent strength that reside within young people. We are dedicated to providing them with opportunities to carve out their own identities, author their own unique stories, and set ambitious goals for their future. We see the brilliance in every young person and recognize their potential to achieve remarkable things. To us, they are not just youth; they are future change makers and leaders in the making.


We are acutely aware that young individuals in under-resourced communities encounter significant opportunity gaps. Our programs are meticulously designed to bridge these gaps, empowering them to uncover and harness the power within. By fostering an environment where they can thrive, we are not just helping them for today; we are nurturing the architects of a brighter, more equitable future for all.

What we Do

We offer free of cost leadership development programs for children and youth aged 9 to 17 in under-resourced communities. 


Our priority is to provide participants with high quality programs that support the development of critical leadership skills, confidence, and a strong sense of self. All of which are key indicators for future success. What sets us apart is that instead of focusing on young people that have already demonstrated their leadership capacity, we see our programs as a critical intervention for children and youth who, for many reasons, may never consider themselves as leaders without support. This is where we come in. 


We work with partners such as school boards, educators, and service delivery organizations to select participants for our programs, young people who struggle with traditional learning spaces or face barriers in their lives. 

We offer children and youth a turning point; a critical moment of early intervention where we see the brilliant potential of each child and help them to see it for themselves. 

We leverage the power of arts-based learning because of its capacity to: be an accessible form of participation, promote self-confidence and self-efficacy, and support an exploration of reconciliation. Our leadership development curriculum is based on a Theory of Change Model that provides an intentional pathway to build confidence within oneself, among peers, and in the broader community. This theory of change can be seen in our continuum of programs that sees our participants move from programs with a greater focus on self to programs with the greatest focus on the community.

Our History

Thrive Youth Development Canada was founded in 1996 out of a belief in the power of children and youth. What began as a single, out of school program delivered in Toronto has grown to a continuum of programs serving children aged 9 to 17 that support the grown and well-being of young people through skill-building, educational opportunities, and mentorship. We deliver programming in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, remote First Nation communities, and virtually. 

We have reached over 20,000 young Canadians in communities across the country, with a proven track record of increasing participation rates in class, developing a strong sense of self-confidence, and supporting the goals of educators. 

Reports and Publications

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