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Our Approach

We believe leaders aren’t born, they’re grown.

What sets us apart is that instead of focusing on young people that have already demonstrated their leadership capacity, we see our programs as a critical intervention for children and youth who, for many reasons, may never consider themselves as leaders without support. At Thrive, empowering young people to become leaders isn't about teaching them a set of skills. Our facilitators and professional artist educators guide our participants through a unique curriculum that develops leadership skills through experiential learning--a method that supports growth in a way that is fun, engaging, and inclusive. Our holistic approach is grounded in:

Working with partners such as school boards, educators, and service delivery organizations to select participants for our programs, young people who struggle with traditional learning spaces or face barriers in their lives.
Leveraging the power of arts-based learning because of its capacity to be an accessible form of participation, promote self-confidence and self-efficacy, and support an exploration of reconciliation.
Our Theory of Change model, which underpins each program curriculum to provide an intentional pathway to build confidence within oneself, among peers, and in their broader community. 
Each of our programs are built around a Theory of Change Model that aligns with our program plans, curriculum, and leadership development goals. The model supports our participants as they move from exploring self-identity, peer-to-peer interaction, and finally their place in their community.
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Our Impact

Thrive is committed to creating measurable impact in the communities we work with. We evaluate our work with both qualitative and quantitative tools, including pre and post program surveys, interviews with community stakeholders, and daily opening and closing discussion circles. 

Justin Borsato, Vancouver School Board Teacher

"Two weeks of engaging and informative programming delivered as only [Thrive Youth] could. The guest artists each brought their own unique talents and presented outstanding lessons which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. [Thrive Youth] continually sets the standards of what an educational program should be; a program which not only enriches the knowledge of the arts, but also explores and expands the emotional qualities of the learners. Britannia cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Our students are better because of it.”


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