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Employee Engagement

What We Do

We deliver dynamic and rewarding employee activities that fuse team building, education, and volunteering. We offer in-person and remote engagement options for colleagues from across the country to work in partnership with their communities.

How We Do It

First we learn together, then we activate. Our two-stepped approach to charitable employee engagement will reignite motivation and cohesiveness on your team.

Let us help you build a culture of purpose for your people!


Our Services


Creating Art, Creating Change

Your team will dig deep to explore how they can use their own voice, skills, and creativity to take action on the issues that matter to them. Drawing inspiration and key learnings from our students’ Youth Lead Impact projects and exploring themes of social justice issues that affect Canadians today, will pave the path to this meaningful session.


Building Resilience

Combining individual reflection and an exploration of Thrive's approach, participants will learn about of youth resiliency. Looking inward to explore themes of privilege, opportunity and equity will serve as an entry point to build on participants' knowledge, empathy, and capacity to empower children and youth to thrive.

Explore Your Creativity

How can creative experiences bring out our most confident, capable, and connected selves? In this workshop your team will dive into activities that will help them realize their full creativity and  harness “outside the box” experiences as launch pads for achieving more in both their personal and professional lives.

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