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Transforming Lives From the Ground Up

J.P. Pluck's Journey to Kilimanjaro

This September, John P. Pluck, a dedicated supporter of Thrive Youth and a remarkable individual with a long history of philanthropy, will embark on a monumental challenge: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. His goal? To raise awareness and funds for National Energy Action, to help fight fuel insecurity in the UK, and Thrive Youth, to make an impact on the lives of young people in Canada facing barriers to success.

A Commitment to Change

We're driven by the belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive, no matter their circumstances. It's through the support of our community and the incredible efforts of 

JP Pluck_edited.jpg

individuals like John that we're able to make a significant impact on the lives of young people across the country.

With a career spanning nearly four decades in the finance and insurance industries, John has always been moved by a desire to give back. "I hope to generate enough money to at least help some of the thousands of children in Canada that need it most right now” said John. "[I] want to give something back to the millions of people that have not been as fortunate as myself due to no fault of their own."


Join the Climb

As John takes on Kilimanjaro, let's join him in making a difference. Your support can help provide essential services and opportunities for young people in need. Every donation brings us closer to a future where every young person who needs support has the chance to thrive. 


About John P. Pluck

A devoted father, brother, and philanthropist, John has dedicated his life to giving back. Starting his career as a stockbroker in 1985, he moved into insurance in 1990, eventually running his own company from 2009 to 2019. Currently, he serves as the Chief Canadian Officer at Shepherd Compello. His work with charities reflects a deep commitment to leveraging his success for the benefit of others.

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